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Alex McPeake

Achieved a Bachelor of Sciences for Interactive Media and Advertisement

Social Media Content Creator achieving 21.1k Followers on TikTok and YouTube, with over 10 million views, 1.6million likes and 30k comments.

Graphic Designer for Glasgowbury creating poster advertisement for classes and upcoming events including Shane Todd, Bronagh Gallagher, Paddy Nash, Duke Special andNoella Hutton.

The Internal Rebranding and Website creation for Riverside Special School in Antrim.

ICT Coordinator for Riverside School in Antrim (2021-2022).

 Instagram and Facebook campaign created for Rural Heath Partnership in association with Ulster University

Oran McGuigan

Achieved a Bachelor of Sciences in Cinematic Arts

Achieved a Diploma in Television and Film

Achieved a Degree in Interactive Media

Directed and Edited Music Videos in association with the BBC Network

Presented advertising material to the PSNI which resulted in becoming Award-Winning

Received a scholarship for Excellence

Received Multiple Short Film Awards, presented by the Mayor of Derry/Londonderry

Organised a modeling show, while additionally providing photography and editing for the event.

Assisted in education and video editing for Glasgowbury.
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